DRAFT Proposed Covenant updates 8 Nov 2019 rev 1

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  1. Vance
    It seems to me we could also add another covenant ...on quiet hours...Lets say quiet hours from 9:00 PM in the evening to 8:00 AM in the morning. It could read like this... Covenant 30: In the entire Many Lakes Home Owners properties there is to be no objectionable noise including, but not limited to construction activities, chainsawing, lawn mowing, weed whacking, loud music or the like from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM in the morning. Sleep well....Grin...
    • I am in favor of all the proposed changes. The ban on fireworks is so important in light of the fires we have seen in the last few years. The information about setbacks is not to change the number of feet, just to define what can go there. In response to a septic topic, while not every lot will have a house, every house will need a septic, no matter the size of the lot. I can go either way on quiet hours. At least 10pm to 7am. I've been in two HOA's that had quiet hours. They were later on Friday and Saturday nights.
  2. I would suggest 10 PM and 7 AM. Thanks for doing this for us. MIke
  3. I do not agree that the Many Lakes covenants should have a "quiet hours" covenant. Covenants are in place to ensure that neighborhoods should be safe (such as the proposed no fireworks covenant), and to keep establish standards regarding our neighborhood, such as size of residence and setbacks, residential use only (no business), construction materials allowed, no trailers or boats stored within sight from the road, etc. These all help keep up property values within Many Lakes. I do not believe it is the intent of a covenant to start controlling behaviors of the residents. Quiet hours would also affect the activities of builders, as during summer months, their construction works needs to start early. And construction is not a forever activity and should be tolerated. If a resident is making too much noise, the county sheriff should be called. It is not the duty or responsibility of the HOA to control the noise......and the HOA has no way to enforce quiet hours. So I would vote no.
  4. Nancy, I could not agree with you more Nancy. I do not believe that the Covenant Committee or the HOA needs to be "policing" the behavior of the residents of Many Lakes. We do not need to add "quiet hours" to the HOA. The HOA is supposed to contain "protective covenants". The HOA is supposed to protect, preserve and maintain property values. I think it's a slippery slope when "rules and regulations" are continually pushed and suggested for such a rural community. People live here for a multitude of reasons, up and to including additional freedoms that can not enjoy in town. Now, I agree with not setting off fireworks during times that would be deemed hazardous, but banning them all together and implementing a fine, is too controlling and out of the question. When these ideas are presented, I would personally find it helpful, when siting statistics, that you record the source of your statistics. Otherwise, Vance, we have no idea what fires caused by fireworks, you are referring to and where they are geographically located and during what time period. And, when was the last time Many Lakes burned to the ground from the use and ignition of fireworks? I propose that the at the holidays when it's cold outside, fire danger is at it's lowest and or the entire outdoors is covered in snow, that we could enjoy a sparkler or a fireworks. But, I agree that none should be ignited during any other time. Afterall we get to enjoy our neighbors open top bonfires in the middle of the summer heat waves and no one seems to be concerned about fire danger? I would also vote against changing the set back from 30 ft to 15 ft. Not every lot in Many Lakes needs a septic tank! The less waste in our drinking water the better.
  5. Adding a covenant to cover quiet hours is a good idea. Our previous HOA community had this covenant. Quiet times were 10pm – 8am with hours revised to 11pm – 8am on Friday and Saturday. Yes, regarding construction work in the summer, MLHOA could consider different summer hours (say start time at 6 am). Comments about the Rules and Regulations maybe getting too stringent here in Many Lakes is interesting. Many of us live here for the quiet, wildlife and the peacefulness of NOT living in the city. The governing documents of a HOA does in fact help to protect, preserve and maintain property values. Property value includes livability aspects. This can include quiet hours, wildfire prevention, speeding, no fireworks and restrictions to setbacks. Other HOAs enforce their covenants by adding penalties for repeat offenders. (Realizing penalties are another issue by itself). Another topic to discuss is how to help homeowners that rent out their property. Not only here in Many Lakes, many offenders of fireworks etc are renters from the city. A fireworks ban is essential for Many Lakes. Our neighborhood ‘woods’ are a tinder box – ready to be lit with any match, let alone a lightning strike or fireworks. Many Lakes is very susceptible to a wide-ranging, devastating fire since it has not burned in decades if ever. Again, our previous HOA, added teeth to fireworks ban by adding a fine for lighting off fireworks. The MLHOA in addition to banning fireworks needs to embrace the county FireWise Program and help each homeowner make their property safer from fire. Found this very informative table “Top 10 States At High To Extreme Wildfire Risk, 2019 (1)” that clearly shows Montana properties are at a high risk of extreme wildfire. The ranking below for Montana is straight from the table. Montana ranks 9 out of 10 for number of properties at risk, but ranks No. 1 by percentage of homes at risk. See this link for table https://www.iii.org/table-archive/74507

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