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  1. I'm concerned with Covenant 10A2. Putting a septic leach field in the 30ft setback would require removing most if not all the trees and brush. One cannot plant trees or plants over a septic leach field. Grass would be OK. Is this really what we want?? Also, what has the board done to look for the Secretary/treasurer position that will be open? In my opinion, asking for volunteers at the annual meeting does not work.
  2. Concerning proposed amendment 10A2: Septic leach fields don't belong in any setback due to the required large areas of natural vegetation removal (likely in full view of the neighborhood). This degrades our natural forested environment both on the affected property and also on all neighboring properties. To me, setbacks are meant to leave swaths of mostly untouched land between properties (or roads and properties) and enhances the look and intrinsic value of Many Lakes. The original 1973 Covenants state "This declaration of restrictions being designed for the purpose of insuring only attractive residential use of the property without undue disturbance of its natural esthetic qualities." Somehow we seem to have wandered far afield from that concept and it needs to be reinstated in the next revision of the Many Lakes covenants.
  3. In agree with Mike Monteith and Vance Carolin about the setback issues. Additionally, I am concerned that the proposed amendments are not EASILY accessible to members (it requires a real hunt on the ML website) and may not be timely presented to all members by our Board. I urge all members to be familiar with these issues, and to participate in all voting processes.

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