Dear Many Lakes Property Owner:

The Annual Meeting of the Many Lakes Home Owners Association (MLHOA) will be held at 10:00 AM on Saturday Feb 15 at the Creston School.

Whether you are an incumbent or a new applicant, if you are interested in serving on the MLHOA Board of Directors you will be asked to provide your basic information (name, contact info, home address, phone#s, and email), a brief summary of your qualifications, experiences and background along with responses to the following questions;

1) Why am I interested in serving on the Board?

2) How do I think I can help or contribute to the Board's efforts on behalf of the property owners?

3) What would you like to see the Association Board do in the future.

Your letter or email submittal will be posted on the Many Lakes Web site. Your submittal must be received no later than Friday, January 15, 2020.

To receive a Candidate Profile email to

Or snail mail to Many Lakes Home Owners Association (MLHOA), P.O. 2032 Bigfork Mt 59911

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