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DRAFT Proposed Covenant Updates 29 July 2021

Update: Due to availability conflicts, the 2021 Annual Meeting has been rescheduled to 25 September 2021 from 10:00 to 12:00 noon to be located in the Creston school gym.  Proposed Covenant Updates are open for Public Comment... Click on link here to view a sample of the 2021 Covenant Amendments Ballot. This post is nearly…
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Sample Ballot for Proposed Amendments Posted on WEB

Click on link here to view the SAMPLE 2020 Covenant Amendments Ballot. This posting and the personal mailing that you have or will have received, is to notify you of proposed amendments as per Covenant 26. These proposed amendments are to be voted on at the Feb 15th 2020 HOA annual meeting... Caution: Do not…
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